Meet a BP Chemist


Youtube ID: MmnRECaXs5Q

This video profiles the work of Sarah, a chemist at BP. It can be used as a supplement to give students an idea of what a chemist who works on energy issues does on a day-to-day basis.


Video Transcript

As a scientist, sometimes it’s hard to tell people what you’re actually working on, because you say, “I’m a scientist,” and they sort of tune out.

But the research we’re doing now is really relevant to everybody, because everybody understands gasoline—they put it in their car (almost) every single day. We’re trying to take feedstocks, which come from land that wouldn’t be producing food and convert them into (fuel) that you can put in your tank—to drive your car, your truck, and maybe even airplanes at some point.

So, the work that I’m doing to make biofuels will directly impact everybody, and when I tell people I work at BP Biofuels and alternative energy, they get really excited about it, and they want to talk to me to find out what’s happening.

Being a part of that technology makes you feel like your invention, or your discoveries, or your technology will actually be used someday, and that’s one of the benefits that not all scientists get to realize.

Somebody who wants to join BP Biofuels is somebody who wants to make a difference. We need to be invested in renewable energy, and so it’s one of the very few places where you can work and your technology will actually be transplanted into a large-scale technology that’s going to touch everyone’s lives.

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